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iMedia is a multimedia tool which is able to broadcast information direct to a monitor, plasma screen or any other video display unit. The flexibility of the system allows you to display what you want and when you want. Video, text as well as live input are available.

Take control of scheduling information using the iMedia Manager. The manager will allow standard scheduling, timed scheduling and even cycled scheduling. This is a complete solution for scheduling and displaying information. Take advantage of the system and use it for an in-store radio station.



Where can it be used
Recreation complexes (Malls, Sports stadiums, Movie Houses)
Education facilities (Schools, Libraries)
Banks, Hotels
Government and public institutes
Factories and Stores
Transit systems (Airports, Bus and Train stations)
Large outdoor and indoor screens

Easy updating
Flash disk, CD, LAN, WAN, Satellite

Special Features
Single, dual or multiple Channel outputs
Teller communication
Supports, MPEG, AVI, JPG, DivX, Flash, H264
Scheduling manager available
Text scroll bar and clock

Real Time and Live Input
Display the time, weather, currency, advertisements and much more
Connect a decoder, TV aerial, web cam, IP cam or any other video input
Integrate to live SMS system
Connect to a real time juke box payment system
Audio and video announcements