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MultiMedia InnoVations Pty Ltd (MMIV) is a South African Based Public Transport Consultancy and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Company.  MMIV has been offering consulting services and developing ITS equipment for the local Public Transport Market for the last 6 years.  MMIV which is 100% BEE owned, was formed by ITS professionals who identified an opportunity for developing locally based ITS equipment and solutions.  

The Public Transport Solutions developed will assist in solving the unique problems experienced in developing countries such as the South African Public Transport Industry.  MMIV does most of its R&D locally in conjunction with local third party IT companies, ITS based consulting companies and local universities.  

MMIV offers the following solutions and services to the industry:

           ITS Software and Hardware Development
o  Embedded Hardware Solutions
  Multimedia Solutions
  Public Transport Monitoring Services
  Design of Integrated Public Transport Networks (IPTN)
  Current Public Transport Record Solutions (CPTR)
  Project Management


featured products

Transport Intelligent Monitoring Systems
Multimedia Broadcast Software

Asset Management and Tracking

Point of Sale Systems